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Photo shoot

Our friend and amazing photographer Caitlin dropped by for a visit yesterday and, well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Earl and Estella areĀ irresistible, right? And they’re looking for a home.

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Earl’s trip

Earl went on a short trip today, and came back with some new toys to share.

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Working from home

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Around midday it becomes a regular sleep sanctuary around here.

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Your Canada Day kitten fix

Earl and Estella are really playful kittens. When Meg and I wake up in the morning, or come home from work, we invariably find all the pillows from the sofa and the books from the lower shelves strewn across the floor, cat toys scattered all over the apartment, anything lightweight or on wheels pushed across the room, and Earl and Estella sleeping innocently.

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Jen and Earl

Jen and Earl

It’s hard to believe that Earl and Estella were so shy when they first joined us. They didn’t leave the litter box for the whole first evening, and they spent their first whole day behind the television set.

Now they’re some of the most playful and affectionate kittens we’ve had the pleasure of fostering.

My sister Jen came for a visit today, and the team was all over her. These kittens are going to make some family very happy one day.


Meet Earl and Estella

Earl and Estella joined us today from another foster home. An ACR volunteer, Keri, kindly picked them up and delivered them here. Though they’re a little shy, they are eating and purring and getting along well with Audrey. I’m sure they’ll own this place by the end of the weekend.

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Audrey’s being clingy

Our friend Caitlin dropped by today. I was out at work, but she sent me this. Girl can take a hellava picture.

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