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So it seems that when you trump denial, eschew pretence, and come out publicly as a hopeless cat lady (ie: start keeping an unironic cat blog) then people start flooding your inbox with awesome cat things from the internet. Here are a few gems from a few friends, who are also gems.

First, from Caitlin, a French cat who totally gets what I’m feeling:


For a double-whammy, Christen shared this cats and CanLit combo tumbler:

Canadian Poets Petting Cats


And lastly, from Ainsley, I Want a Pound Dog. It’s not about cats, but it is about getting homeless animals home, and that’s what we’re all about.


Estella and Earl are a real delight, but we’ve been too busy enjoying them to document them properly. There will be lots of photos and videos this weekend to make up for the dry spell.



Estella did the funniest thing last night. I was holding her and she started licking and biting my fingers, then it turned into her sucking on my fingers. Sounds kind of gross, but it was really cute. She did this for, like, 15 minutes before I finally put her down. And then she just proceeded to follow me around.


Consciousness of Shock

Here’s something completely off topic:

In 2008 I had the incredible privilege of assisting the Chief Conservator of the Guggenheim, Paul Schwarzbaum, in Venice. The most difficult and rewarding project we worked on together was the restoration of Victor Brauner’s 1951 encaustic painting, Consciousness of Shock.

Paul’s recently launched his portfolio online, which is full of fascinating projects. Among them is a slide show documenting our work on the Brauner.

Check it out.

Victor Brauner’s Consciousness of Shock, 1951

A update on Jacob from his new home

Leo was called Jacob when he was our foster kitten. He and his sister, Jasmine, came to us in January 2012. He was the first of the pair to be adopted in late-February by a really kind couple named Audrey and Robert as an companion for their cat Davey. Audrey, his new mum, sends us regular updates, and she’s agreed to let me share them here.

Leo was a real favourite of both of ours, but Megan had a real soft spot for him. He has a very sweet face and demeanour. He could be a little slower on the uptake sometimes and was prone to falling. One time Megan was holding him, and she dropped him down about a foot off the ground, which is a normal way to put cats down, but he didn’t put his paws out to catch himself, and fell right on his face. This was typical of Leo.

After the jump, an update on his new habits, and some photos of Leo at home.

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Meet Earl and Estella

Earl and Estella joined us today from another foster home. An ACR volunteer, Keri, kindly picked them up and delivered them here. Though they’re a little shy, they are eating and purring and getting along well with Audrey. I’m sure they’ll own this place by the end of the weekend.

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March 23, 2012-May 28, 2012

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Audrey’s being clingy

Our friend Caitlin dropped by today. I was out at work, but she sent me this. Girl can take a hellava picture.

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Kevin Nealon for No-Kill Los Angeles

There are a lot of problems out there, and unfortunately we can’t do much about a lot of them. But here’s one you can do something about: homeless pets. Spay and neuter your dog or cat, or adopt them from an animal shelter. It’s that easy.

What a bummer we can’t do more about the problem of Canadians.

Hats from Charlotte and Madeline’s new family


This picture is a little overdue, but it took a while for the two of us to be in the same place at the same time.

Charlotte and Madeline’s new mom, Liane, is a professional knitter (!) who sells her work at craft fairs, and teaches knitting and crocheting at a local yarn shop. When she and her husband Rob came to pick up the kittens last Friday, she brought us these awesome hats she’d made. We love them, and we think it was so kind for her to put the thought and effort into making them for us.

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