About Us

We’re Megan and Carolyn, 20-somethings, Torontonians, cousins, friends, and roommates. By day Megan manages a 80-strong event staff, and Carolyn works in the publishing industry. Carolyn has volunteered with the Annex Cat Rescue on and off since 2006, and we’ve been fostering kittens together non-stop since 2011.
We seriously consider adopting every single one of our foster kittens. Audrey is the one who finally wore us down, and on January 25th 2012, she officially became a member of the family. Among her many charms, Audrey’s an ideal cat for a foster home. She is very friendly and outgoing, rolls with the punches, and loves to have other cats around. In the short spans of time between fosters, she makes her loneliness very clear. Her insistance keeps us constantly in foster kittens. We call the kittens Audrey’s pet cats.

Charlotte, Madeline & Eloise

An occupational hazard of volunteering with kittens is we wind up with scads of adorable pictures and videos. This blog will be an outlet for our overflowing enthusiasm for Audrey and our fosters. We’ll share photos and videos, and stories about the highs and lows of fostering, and we’ll address the common remark, It must be so hard to see them go! (It really is.) When we get updates on adopted cats from their new families, we’ll share them here, as well as our own remembrances of kittens past, and odds and ends about the lives of a couple of cat ladies.

Along the way we hope to meet some fellow cat lovers, and to inspire some of you to support rescue organizations like the Annex Cat Rescue, adopt a rescue kitten, or even foster kittens yourself.

If you have questions, there are some resources on our links page, and we’d also love to hear from you. Email us at audreyspetkittens@gmail.com.

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  1. The lives of stray cats, and what volunteers do to make them better

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