Things on the Internet

So it seems that when you trump denial, eschew pretence, and come out publicly as a hopeless cat lady (ie: start keeping an unironic cat blog) then people start flooding your inbox with awesome cat things from the internet. Here are a few gems from a few friends, who are also gems.

First, from Caitlin, a French cat who totally gets what I’m feeling:


For a double-whammy, Christen shared this cats and CanLit combo tumbler:

Canadian Poets Petting Cats


And lastly, from Ainsley, I Want a Pound Dog. It’s not about cats, but it is about getting homeless animals home, and that’s what we’re all about.


Estella and Earl are a real delight, but we’ve been too busy enjoying them to document them properly. There will be lots of photos and videos this weekend to make up for the dry spell.


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