March 23, 2012-May 28, 2012

Madeline and Charlotte had a sister, Eloise. She was a playful, friendly kitten, just like the other two. She was a very vocal kitten, and a climber. Her trademark quirk was that when one of us was doing dishes (read: standing unusually still) she would climb up our leg and sit on our shoulders. I always wanted a cat who would do that.

Originally, Rob and Lianne were to adopt Eloise and Madeline, but when they met all three of the kittens, and couldn’t bare to separate them, so Eloise, Madeline, and Charlotte were all to be adopted together.

About two weeks before we started this blog, Meg brought the three girls in for their routine spay. Eloise was operated on first. The vet told us that everything was progressing normally, when Eloise stopped breathing on the table. 20 minutes of CPR couldn’t revive her. This is very rare, but it happens. Usually the kitten has an underlying heart or lung issue that hasn’t presented yet which prevents them from being able to make it through the intervention.

We were all very sad to lose Eloise. In her short life, she made many friends. In the wake of her passing, a few of our closest friends who had gotten to know her came over, and we all had a big dinner. Eloise’s sisters and Audrey had wet food and quite a lot of attention from the humans. Meg and I were perhaps rather over-protective of Madeline and Charlotte after that. I can’t say what a relief it was when their surgeries were over, and the girls are well, and are starting their new lives.

We take some comfort in the fact that Eloise’s short life was a happy one. She was a rescue kitten who was born not on the street, but in a loving home. She was always comfortable, entertained, well-fed, and surrounded by cats and humans who were kind to her. She wasn’t distressed the day of her surgery. She played in the morning, she jumped right into the cat carrier with her sisters, and she slept in the cab. As she got older, she likely would have suffered from poor health. Instead she died peacefully in her sleep. Though we never would have chosen for her to die, at least she was spared that.

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