Hats from Charlotte and Madeline’s new family


This picture is a little overdue, but it took a while for the two of us to be in the same place at the same time.

Charlotte and Madeline’s new mom, Liane, is a professional knitter (!) who sells her work at craft fairs, and teaches knitting and crocheting at a local yarn shop. When she and her husband Rob came to pick up the kittens last Friday, she brought us these awesome hats she’d made. We love them, and we think it was so kind for her to put the thought and effort into making them for us.

While Liane filled out the paperwork for the girls, Rob played with Audrey and the kittens, and he was wonderful with them.

We are always a bit blue when the kittens move out, and we were especially attached to these girls. Honestly, adoption day can be a little awkward sometimes. The adopters may be in a hurry, or stressed about the car trip with their new kittens. Sometimes the cats are difficult to coax into the carrier. We try to make sure the focus is on the happy start of the cats’ and the adopter’s new life together, but I think it slips out sometimes that it’s a little bit of a sad goodbye for us. But this time, though Megan and I were dreading the split a little in advance, we had nothing but the most positive feelings seeing the girls go away with the couple.

Liane and Rob aren’t the first adopters to bring gifts. My co-worker Nic and his girlfriend Chloe brought me this book when they adopted Ouenie and Bella. And when I was fostering Rock Hudson and Charlie (below) with my then-boyfriend Miller a couple of years ago, a woman brought flowers for me and an action figure for Miller. Her 3-year-old son was really infatuated with Miller, and called him “the boy who borned the cats.”

Charlie and Rock Hudson who Carolyn and Miller fostered during Christmas, 2010

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