What about the grown-ups?

Our fosters are mostly kittens. Adult street cats are usually feral and will never be pets. Most of our fosters’ parents are cats like these, and their lives are very tough. It’s estimated that there are 100,000 homeless cats in Toronto. Between struggling through our cold winters, suffering disease and hunger, and fighting predators, stray cats often survive only one or two years. The Annex Cat Rescue’s fostering program prevents our kittens from suffering this fate.

As foster parents, we take in street kittens and make sure they are healthy, spayed or neutered, socialized, and placed in loving homes. Ours is one small part of  the work performed by a huge network of volunteers throughout Toronto who capture stay cats, raise money for their care, maintain social media, perform surgeries, donate materials, time, expertise, and much more. Before the kittens come to stay with us, they have already been cared for directly and indirectly by many kind people.

Running alongside the kitten fostering program is a coalition of animal welfare groups that work together to capture, spay or neuter, and release feral cats. These cats are fed by volunteers and provided with shelters to help them get through the Canadian winters.

From the Toronto Feral Cat TNR Coalition website:

In the spring of 2010, Toronto Animal Services announced the opening of a new spay/neuter clinic and that they would sterilize feral cats for free on specific days each month. This amazing breakthrough was the catalyst that formed the Toronto Feral Cat TNR Coalition. Later in 2010, Toronto Humane Society also began offering free spay neuter clinics for feral cats.

This spring, TNR celebrated spaying their 1000th feral cat.

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