Madeline and Charlotte are spayed

Charlotte and Madeline in soft cones

Charlotte and Madeline, chiaroscuro

Charlotte in a soft cone from Audrey's Pet Kittens on Vimeo.

On Monday, we took Charlotte and Madeline in to be spayed. The kittens were naively gung-ho about the whole ordeal. As soon as the carrier came out of the closet, all three felines jumped eagerly in.  We nervous foster parents were more reticent, but we pulled Audrey back out of the carrier, closed the door, and called a taxi.

Madeline and Charlotte on the way to the vet

We were so happy when it was time to pick the girls up, vaccinated, microchipped, and 100% less likely to reproduce. But when we arrived we found that Charlotte’s face was puffed up beyond recognition.

Charlotte before

Charlotte After

It’s actually quite common for kittens to have allergic reactions to vaccines. A little Benadryl, and she was as good as new.

This is one of the 'highs' of fostering kittens.

This is one of the ‘highs’ of fostering kittens.

The girls needed cones to keep them from scratching their stitches. This is the first time for us using the soft cones, and we love them. The kittens are relatively comfortable, and they have their peripheral vision. Not to mention, they look adorable.

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